Josh & Jane need a video

that showcases their wedding’s sweet moments.

Anxiety because this is the first wedding film that I did & lack of logistic.

Get footage around the area I got lost with and edit it down to tell this experience

They are my friends. Now they are married. I have a perfect wedding present for them; this video.

I don't know what to give them as a wedding present.


But then I talked about it with them and the idea to create a wedding documentary video was born.

Something that they can cherish and enjoy.

The problem is that I never film any event before, 

this is exciting & frightening at the same time.

Equipped with two cameras and no extra person to help, planning would be the key to make this project a success and that's what I did.

Asked heaps of questions and got involved on the practice run opened up lot of insights to me especially since I never film any event or wedding before. One of the insights is about location and timing hence I can plan it properly and be on multiple places in a short amount of time.


Because I am going solo and don't have any private transport capabilities, I will need to do my timing properly regarding public transportation usage and time limit for every events such as the bride & groom makeup and preparation, wedding ceremony, wedding celebration, first kiss, first dance, and the closing.


Heaps of thing to do but it's possible.

I would say it was a huge success considering this is my first event filming project ever. I have fun in both filming and editing. There are many technical things that can be improved but I can say, good job Ijoijo.







Bride to Be - Cinematic Sound