Niesh is looking for a 1 minute animated video to promote their events that happen on the spot.

Adrenaline fulled viewers will have limited attention span.

Clear & snappy visual direction with intense music to fit in with the stadium’s environment when the video will be played.

Touch n' Go is an event held by Niesh during a rugby match in Eden Park. This quick snappy motion video was played during the break time to prompt the audiences (students) to use the Niesh app and enter the competition.

With adrenaline pumped up and drinks on hand, the viewers will be too energetic to see something with slow pace on the main screen.

Nobody wants a party pooper; this video needs to follow these requirements and be snappy & quick like a rugby match.

And that's why I chose simplistic snappy direction with this video,

something that will keep you pumped up just like the rugby game.

The bright green really captures people's attention since it's not a common color you will find on the arena. The big contrast with the white background really make people need to see what's going on; they need to see how they can join in.






Energetic & Driving Background Music - AShamaluevMusic