Auckland Live is looking for

1 -2 minutes animated videos that reflect their brand; performing arts, New Zealand cultures, and diversity. It will be played on Aotea Square with a minimum usage of sound.

People that spent time in Aotea Square are really diverse

Simple & minimal animation style with illustration that emphasise universal symbols of the target audience’s groups.

Simple shapes & soft colours are neutral and easily accessible. The special elements on each character make them able to represent big groups of people that will be at Aotea Square.


The green kid with cap represents the younger audience. The red girl with long hair represents teenagers & young adults. The blue man with beard represents adults & working professionals. The yellow granny with grey hair represents the older audience.


Each of them is presented with various Auckland Live events that match them quite well; opening up for future implementation with each characters making this concept sustainable & flexible to changes.






Pep In My Step 3 - Per-Anders Nilsson