Decision that life needs to be better is one of the most crucial steps in recovering from mental health issue. Either to go to a therapist or to grab the self-help book, deep conversations with others will encourage the sufferer to take that decision. Let’s help.

It's hard to find

a platform where deep conversations can happen.

A genuine brand that helps people to initiate deep conversations with a supporting environment.

Fighting mental health issue alone sucks.

This is my exploration on how to help on that problem.

It's hard to start a deep conversation;

if the timing  & place are not right, it can be really awkward and make it even harder to even start another.

The Hub is there to support you.

It provides an environment that encourages the right timing & place for it.

Supported by campfire & shared dinner that already proven to be crucial time for people to connect, people can share & listen to genuine story from genuine people on how they tackle their problems.

Inspired by how people gather around in circle around a campfire, the logo represents how community come together for a shared dinner and good banters.

To help promote the brand, Instagram Ad videos are created to target 18-25 y.o audiences.

The aesthetic of the video was based on the idea that these are the bridge to bring heavily digital-based audience to such an analog event.

The event is marketed as place to have a good banter hence why the bright & positive energy of the videos.







Bride to Be - Cinematic Sound